93 and a First for Me

It's all about Vitality

First off, I don’t feel like I’m 93. I don’t feel old and I don’t think about slowing down. But people I meet every day and all of you out there usually say “wow” or “how do you stay so active”. You know what? I never thought about it much until the past few years. 

I think after I passed 90, then people started to be amazed I’m still active. Well, if in some small way, I can help others be more active and help motivate then I’ll do what I can. I can aspire to inspire before I expire. I’m not one to seek out the spotlight and I don’t enjoy being the center of attention, but I can share some of my adventures and my thoughts on life. With the help of some family, I have Facebook, Instagram, a Blog, and a website where I we can share photos, stories, and insights about aging with vitality. The most important thing is to keep moving - physically, mentally, intellectually, in every way. You only get this one life so if you’re still alive then KEEP LIVING! Ask yourself this - how old would you be if you didn't know how old you were? Then, go live like that. I thought about all the things I’ve done since I turned 80, and I have to tell you it’s quite a list! I went paragliding, zip lining, a shot a pistol at a gun range, tried cotton candy for the first time, went ice climbing, and rode a paddle boat down the Mississippi.   

To celebrate turning 93, I thought it would be fun to set a goal to try 93 new things this year. Little things and big things, just for new experiences. Along the way, we’ll post on social media so you can enjoy along with me and maybe get some ideas for new experiences and adventures of your own. Remember, an adventure doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, it can be a local destination too. Check out some of what this year has brought me.

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This is me on a mountaintop in Utah, moments before I threw the snowball I had hiding behind my back

This is me on a mountaintop in Utah, moments before I threw the snowball I had hiding behind my back