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My motto is Whatever there is to do-do that thing! I’m 93 and want to have 93 "firsts" this year. 

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I am happy to travel and visit with groups and organizations throughout the US, motivating and encouraging folks to stay active and enjoy life. Whether it’s a small group or you need a keynote speaker, I would enjoy participating in your event. Please download the brochure below for complete information.

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Have a positive outlook

Go Do It

Travel, visit friends and loved ones, explore your world. I love to hike, enjoy the waterfalls and all the little creatures that run around.  #93andafirstformeI love this gorgeous world we live in but have a real problem (I’m told!) - I want to know what’s over “that hill”, how does that work, what would it be like to go there or do that? Guess what? I go find out! In May 2018, I turned 93. I decided to have 93 "firsts" before my next birthday. 

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Say Yes!

I’m nobody special but I’ve been blessed with the enormous pleasure of an amazing life. I’m a native Icelander and can trace my family roots in Iceland back before 900 AD. I met the love of my life during WWII at a USO dance in Reykjavík. We have ten wonderful children and enjoyed 70 beautiful years together.

If you have the opportunity for a new adventure or experience - say yes! You never know where it might lead. 

Don't Limit Yourself

Since I was a little girl, I dreamed of flying like the seagulls. When I was 88 years old, that dream came true when I went paragliding for the first time in Utah. It was so much fun, I did it again when I was 90 - that time over the southern coast of Iceland near Vik. I have gone white water rafting, indoor rockwall climbing, and tried my hand at the archery range. Since I’ve turned 90, I have explored the cave that inspired Jules Vern Journey to the Center of the Earth, learned how to shoot at the gun range, gone to a rodeo, practiced Yoga at the Paris observation tower in Las Vegas, taken a ride on a motorcycle, learned to play pool and oh, so much more. Never stop. Never tell yourself you are too old. If you have physical limitations, that’s one thing, but simply being chronologically gifted should never limit you.

My Blog

A little travel log, a little memory sharing, excerpts of my writing and a collection of thoughts I’d like to share with you. If you can't see it CLICK HERE:  http://iedaherman.blogspot.com/

Minutes Matter

I've chosen to share my story because it is so important. A stroke can be devastating - every second matters. If you event think you might be having a stroke, call 911. I did and I am so grateful. Here's my story

My Books

Growing Up Viking

2018 International Book Awards Finalist!  My first book - originally titled "Troll-Monster Worm-Hidden People: Fond Memories of Iceland” has been re-released for 2017 under the new title “Growing Up Viking: Fond Memories of Iceland”. I share my stories of growing up in 1930’s Iceland, recalling my summers at Grandpa’s farm in Hámundarstaðir, the ship voyage from Reykjavík to Vopnafjörður and the winters in Reykjavík. I include stories up to WWII when I met the love of my life at a USO dance, the man who was to be my husband of 70 years.

Viking Kids Don't Cry

Viking Kids Don’t Cry was truly a labor of love. I wanted more children to learn about Iceland - the fantastic country where I grew up. I turned my memoir into a historical fiction that would appeal to younger readers. There are many of the same stories as the memoir, with a few embellishments and some extra adventures. I removed many of the historical references and ended the story before WWII.  I think both books together is a great way for families to share in the story. Adults will enjoy the memoir and children will love Viking Kids Don’t Cry. Parents can share some of the historical details they read and teach their children if they like. I think it would make for wonderful dinner table conversations. Either way, it’s a fun story to share.

The Silver Arrow

The Silver Arrow was my first work of fiction and inspired in part by Jules Verne’s descriptions of the Icelandic cave from Journey to the Center of the Earth. Fourteen-year-old Finna and her twin brother Erik embark on an adventure with their best friend, Kalli and one of the Hidden. What started as an exploration of a glacier in Iceland ends up taking them to places they could never have imagined. Using clues written in a secret code, they follow the trail from the Snæfell Mountain to an alien civilization of Nordic gods. When Erik and Kalli are kidnapped, Finna finds she must use all her courage to save them and an entire planet. Can she save them in time?

Homestyle Icelandic Cooking for American Kitchens

This is a collection of 25 traditional everyday Icelandic recipes, translated with step-by-step instructions. These recipes bring back so many great memories for me. I worked on this project with one of my daughters and we had a great time. The process of finding recipes for some of my favorite dishes, translating from Icelandic and converting the measurements from metric was quite an undertaking. The cooking, baking and taste testing was my favorite part!

Inner Space Aliens

The exciting sequel to The SIlver Arrow 

Coming Spring 2019 !

This is Book 2 of the Ambassadors of Orealis triliogy

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